10k Solid Gold Flexible Bangle Bracelet w/ Pearls & Diamond Accents 5.66 Grams


10k Solid Gold Flexible Bangle Bracelet w/ Cultured Pearls & Diamond Accents 5.66 Grams, 4.2mm wide, size 6.5".

This stunning bracelet is crafted from 10k solid yellow gold and features beautiful cultured pearls and diamond accents. The flexible bangle design makes it easy to wear and the 6.5 inch length ensures a comfortable fit. Perfect for any special occasion, from Mother's Day to weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

The bracelet is intricately designed with 10 diamonds and 2 cultured pearls, weighing a total of 5.66 grams. The wrap and bangle style adds to its beauty, while the vintage touch makes it a unique piece of jewelry. This bracelet is a true masterpiece, perfect for anyone who loves beauty, art, and magic.

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