Harriet Kelsall 10k Gold Love to Beloved Bolo Bracelet 6.5-8.5” (Adjustable)6.4g


This beautiful Harriet Kelsall bolo bracelet is the perfect gift for someone special. Crafted from 10k yellow gold, this bracelet features an adjustable design with a bolo closure, making it suitable for those with smaller or larger wrists. The bracelet is designed with a love theme, making it a romantic and thoughtful addition to any jewelry collection.

The bracelet is made by a renowned brand, Harriet Kelsall. The metal purity is 10k, and the style is bolo. The bracelet is categorized under fine jewelry and belongs to the bracelets and charms section. The item length is 6.5”-8.5”, and it is designed without a main stone. This bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry that will make a beloved member of your family feel special.

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