Hi and welcome to Swift Thrift Shop! Swift Thrift Shop is an online thrift store, that offers tons of items for affordable prices. Here at Swift Thrift Shop you will find vintage jewelry and some modern jewelry. Also we have vintage watches, precious metals, belt buckles and more. Our primary focus is jewelry and watches but we are starting to branch out to more categories.

We have been selling online for many years now. We started our journey on popular platforms such as eBay & Etsy (you can find us on any of those popular platforms under the name "swiftthriftshop") but we decided to branch out and create our own platform to offer lower prices to our customers. 

Our name Swift Thrift Shop came from our swift service we offer to our customers. We ship fast and take care of our customers concerns even faster! Most of our products our shipped out within 24-48 hours. 
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