Vintage Costume Jewelry History of Different Brands

Vintage Costume Jewelry History of Different Brands

Vintage costume jewelry is still popular to this day. There is just something about it that attracts modern women of all backgrounds, styles, and sizes. You could be a top executive at a multinational company or an underground DJ and still wear a gorgeous piece from Monet. As vintage jewelry is making a huge comeback, we thought to help you better understand the history of different brands and how they have inspired multiple generations.

Although you can shop for affordable jewelry today, fine jewelry from a well-known brand will transform the way you look and boost your confidence. The fact is that vintage costume jewelry allows you to get your hands on an item that highlights a commitment to the craft and makes for top-quality jewelry that you simply cannot expect to find elsewhere. Coco Chanel is accredited for introducing vintage items through her collections. Then, costume jewelry became a huge thing in the 50s. Here are some of the brands that carry on the legacy.

Monet Jewelry

Founded in 1919, Monet started as a monogramming business and employed Edmond Mario Granville, a designer from Cartier. When it comes to jewelry production, Monet has played a huge role in advancements. In fact, the barrel clutch for pierced ears was invented by the company. It also popularized tailored jewelry in the 70s. These crisp, silver and gold plated pieces have been worn ever since. Although they do not contain any stones, they are just as iconic. 

Coro Jewelry

Coro is another vintage jewelry brand that started out in Broadway, New York City over a century ago in 1901 by Carl Rosenberg and Emanuel Cohn. Initially, it was a small accessories store and only expanded into jewelry in 1943. Most of its designers were unknown names and went on to produce unique pieces. Francois and Mass Raimond are two of its founding designers. Unfortunately, Coro closed down in 1979 which is why finding its pieces is not easy. However, its beads can still be found.

Trifari Jewelry 

Established in the 19th century by Gustavo Trifari, Trifari was a brand that paid homage to his Italian roots. The brand proved to be highly successful and is remembered by vintage costume jewelry admirers across the globe. It made costume jewelry mainstream through celebrity endorsements. Mamie Eisenhower, the first lady, and even Madonna adorned its pieces. During the Second World War, Trifari pieces had to use sterling rather than metal and made sterling jewelry widely popular. Its pins are worn by many enthusiasts today.

Avon Jewelry

Founded back in 1886, as California Perfume Company, Avon is one of the oldest jewelry brands out there. It started as a perfumery and moved towards female empowerment as David McConnell, its founder wanted to help women get into the business. Its pieces are considered a collectible.

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