Where to Buy Junk Jewelry & Project Ideas

If you are looking to purchase junk jewelry, we offer junk jewelry lots by the pounds here at Swift Thrift Shop. Currently we offer 15lbs of junk jewelry for $75 with free shipping! All jewelry lots are prepackaged with 15lbs of junk jewelry per box. Are junk jewelry lots are perfect for craft projects, not for treasure hunting. 

If you are looking for craft ideas for the purchase of your junk jewelry lot, we have listed a few ideas below. 

Junk Jewelry Pinterest Project Ideas:

  • Button Brooches
  • Jewelry Christmas Tree
  • Earring Bracelets
  • Repurpose Jewelry

For More Ideas, visit pinterest: https://pin.it/jPZTbSm . If you are interested in purchasing junk jewelry lots click the link to the right.  Huge Junk Drawer Jewelry Lot Repair/Scrap/Crafts/ 15lbs